Employment Opportunities

The City currently has two part time job openings:

Applications need to be submitted by November 7, 2020

Court Clerk 30 hours per week

(1) To collect such fines for violations of such offenses as may be described, and the court costs


(2) To take oaths and affirmations;

(3) To accept signed complaints, and allow the same to be signed and sworn to or affirmed

before him; a notary public or designee may also perform the functions;

(4) Sign and issue subpoenas requiring that attendance of witnesses and sign and issue subpoenas

duces tecum; or the municipal judge may perform these functions;

(5) Accept the appearance, waiver of trial and plea of guilty and payment of fine and court costs

in traffic violations bureau cases or as directed by the municipal judge; generally act as

violation clerk of the traffic violation bureau;

(6) Perform all other duties as provided for by ordinance, by rules of practice and procedure in

municipal and traffic court and by statute;

(7) Maintain, properly certified by the city clerk, a complete copy of the ordinances of the city of

the municipality which shall constitute prima facie evidence of such ordinance before the

court. Further, to maintain a similar certified copy on file with the clerk serving the circuit

court of this county.


City Treasurer/Office Assistant 15-20 hours per week

Job Duties:

Keep an accurate record of all City financials

Prepare and publish financial statements biannually

Reconcile bank statements monthly and prepare reports for Board of Alderman 

General office/clerical duties such as filing and answering phones.  



To apply for any position at the City of Elsberry, please complete our required Application Form (if available) below or obtain an application in person at City Hall.  Please make sure you meet the specific qualifications for the position you are applying for; otherwise the application will not be processed. We look forward to receiving your application and discussing the employment opportunity of interest.

The city of  City of Elsberry is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Applications will be considered for all positions without regard to race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, marital status, veteran status, or any other legally protected status.

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