This information has been provided on behalf of Ameren & Mounts Plumbing of Troy, MO.....

There will be sewer inspections scheduled in the Elsberry area on behalf of Ameren Missouri.  The sewer inspections are necessary to verify that there are no breaks or cuts in sewer lines resulting from the installation of Ameren Missouri buried gas or electric facilities.  If damage from Ameren facilities is found, Ameren will repair the sewer line at no cost to the owner or resident.

Mounts Plumbing of Troy, MO has been contracted to perform these sewer inspections.  Their technicians, in some cases, may need access to the inside of your residence or business to perform these inspections.  The procedure involves pushing a camera thru the sewer line to verify the condition of the line.  This inspection normally takes about 45 minutes.

We encourage you to call Mounts Plumbing at 636-233-5108 and schedule your no-cost inspection.  If you are not home during the day, the inspections can be scheduled during evenings and on Saturdays as well.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Ameren Missouri or Mounts Plumbing at the numbers listed below:

Matthew Breshears - Ameren Missouri Engineer - 573-554-6297

Josh Mount - Mounts Plumbing - 636-233-5108